Duarte Domingos

Duarte Domingos


Duarte Domingos, born late 80's, surrounded by the culture and the southern landscapes of Portugal. Fell in love by photography, and gave them motion. 

Later in 2008 studied cinema at ETIC School in Lisbon, since then has worked as a DOP and Filmmaker for production companies and agencies around Portugal.

Worked in house for NEBULA STUDIOS and BOLD CREATIVE STUDIO developing projects from any nature for great brands such as INDITEX, COATS, Portuguese Shoes, UMBIGO Magazine and with artists like Isaura, SirAiva, Pacman, Best Youth, Moullinex, Devil In Me, Sam Alone, Madball, New Soul Family, Jorge Fernando, Ana Moura, Correira. 

+351 916 843 672