The Rope - A Corda - Teaser

The innocence of childhood in the eyes of a girl still absent of certainties, still unaware of the pain, among young age bonds. A woman, brings life in her hands, tired and lonely, looking for hope without hope of finding it, in a cold and disturbing emptiness, pronounced by the burden weight of certainties. An elegant father, distinguished, smiling. A graceful Mother, absorbed in tenderness. A small family united by the warmth of love, which completes them, that makes them happy. A rope that separates the storm from the smiles, the night from the day, the death from life. The time that is as ironic as true, that either gives and takes at the same time. The present-day was full with memories, in a place so alike that would hurt.

Based on a poem by the poet Tiago Marcos
Directed - Luís Caracinha
DOP - Duarte Domingos
Produced - We Make Productions
Co-produced - Original Features

Shot with Arri Alexa with zeiss CP.2